What is a Freeform Pool, and Why Should You Choose One?

freeform pool

As some of us finally turn toward warmer weather, it’s only natural to start questioning if this is the year that you’ll install your dream pool or make much-needed upgrades to your current one. Swimming pools originated thousands of years ago, but they’ve come quite a long way since Ancient Greece and are not simply…

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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Pool?


Swimming pools are loved by many because of the numerous health benefits and fun that they  provide. A pool can be enjoyed as a great leisure spot and a place to get away from the heat of the day, plus it serves to boost the value and aesthetics of a home. It is, therefore, no…

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Ideas for a Hot Tub Swimming Pool Combination

hot tub with a view

US homeowners are no strangers to the benefits of owning a swimming pool. As people look for safer outdoor experiences, though, demand for swimming pool construction is on the rise. But could a hot tub swimming pool combination really transform your backyard into the perfect oasis? When it comes to backyard installations, a hot tub…

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Finding a Top-Rated Pool Builder

pool with view

Homeowners interested in installing a new pool or remodeling an existing one will benefit from working with a skilled, top-rated pool builder. Installing a swimming pool is very different from adding a patio cover or remodeling a kitchen. Industry standards and codes must be met for a pool area that’s safe, functional, and structurally sound,…

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What to Look for in a Pool Builder

Your swimming pool is a sanctuary

A pool is a great leisure and wellness feature for any backyard, and the building process should, ideally, be just as stress-free. That means hiring an industry-leading contractor both for the success of your project and your overall peace of mind.  Knowing what to look for in a pool builder will help you make the…

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How to Upgrade Your Backyard with a Custom Pool

house with pool

When you look at your backyard, do you despair? Is it drab and boring and in dire need of a makeover? Does it have you wondering how to upgrade your backyard in ways that make it exceptional? Then, we have the scoop! Make your backyard a “destination location” and provide hours of enjoyment for you,…

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Swimming Pool Basics: What to Look for in Inground Pool Quotes

custom pool with fire pit

With over 10 million residential pools in the U.S., more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of having a private, backyard oasis. If you’re thinking of jumping in on the trend, it’s important to know what to look for when reviewing inground pool quotes. Whether you’re building the infinity pool of your dreams or…

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How to Get a Modern Concrete Pool Deck

concrete pool deck

Having a backyard pool is wonderful, especially during the hot summer months. But before installing a pool, there are many things to consider such as the size, the shape, and of course, what type of pool deck you want to install. Your pool deck is one of the main focal points of your backyard, so…

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Top Things to Know When Building a Pool

pool with lounge in middle

A new swimming pool can be a great addition to any home. It makes staycations a lot more fun. It gives you the chance to expand your exercise routine by adding swimming, amping up the aerobic benefits for you.  Owning your own swimming pool lets you have fun family time at home any day, plus…

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What Is a Self Cleaning Pool System, and Should You Get One?

backyard clean pool

Let’s be honest: everyone would love to have a pool in their backyards, but the thought of cleaning it isn’t fun. Some homeowners already have a great pool but barely use it because the effort required to keep that pool sparkling is so time consuming. This is why you should consider a self cleaning pool…

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