How Long Does It Take to Build a Pool?

backyard swimming pool and small spa

Summer will be here soon, and temperatures are already heating up. After a stressful winter, we don’t blame you for dreaming of spending your days floating in your backyard pool. But before you can enjoy the many social and health benefits of having your own pool, you’ll need to design and build it. As you gaze out your…

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How Often Should You Seal a Concrete Pool Deck?

California - Corona

As exciting as pool installation is, it’s really just the first step in owning a pool. Care and maintenance are essential to extending the life of your investment and making sure you can enjoy your pool as much as possible. One of the main types of maintenance for a concrete pool and deck is resealing or resurfacing. So how…

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How Much Does Pool Refinishing Cost?

Summer is coming, and your thoughts may be turning towards pool maintenance, repair, and remodeling. One of the most common ways to refresh your backyard and improve your experience is through pool resurfacing. A standard aspect of pool care, the process involves removing and replacing the original sealant. Read on to learn when it’s necessary…

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Not Much Space? Consider a Small Backyard Pool

small backyard pool

No matter how big their yard is, many homeowners dream of including a pool in the plans for their perfect home. Whether to improve health, escape from the summer heat, or create a space for family gatherings, a small backyard pool increases the value and enjoyment of a home.  At the same time, homeowners understandably…

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Swimming Pool Contractors

large geometric swimming pool

Installing a pool is one of the biggest decisions a homeowner can make, and choosing a swimming pool contractor is a key part of the process. Without the right one, you can end up unhappy, out thousands of dollars, or worse.   The proper installation of a swimming pool is a complicated process involving legal permitting,…

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Contractor or DIY: What are your pool deck resurfacing options?

pool deck and bar

What Is Pool Deck Resurfacing? Is pool deck resurfacing on your to-do list this season? We know saving money is a top concern these days. Homeowners are figuring out which projects they can undertake without the help of an expert to decrease the costs. Read more to find out if you need a contractor to…

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Swimming Pool Remodel Financing

elevated view of a pool

Increasing Property Value With Swimming Pool Remodel Financing Suppose you either invested in building a swimming pool years ago or bought a property with a pool that needs an update. In those cases, you are probably looking for swimming pool remodel financing options that help you get the project done, increase the value of your…

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How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

inground swimming pool

Would you love to turn your ordinary backyard into a breathtaking backyard oasis but aren’t sure what an inground swimming pool costs? You’re not alone. Many homeowners dream of adding a pool to their backyard but are unsure if they have the budget to get what they really want.   Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more…

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How Much Do Luxury Pool Builders Cost?

luxury backyard swimming pool with slide

Why Build a Luxury Pool? Adding a swimming pool can make your home the place to gather, whether for your family, your kids and their friends, or to host outdoor parties. The Pool & Hot Tub Alliance (PHTA), a non-profit organization established in 1956 to support, promote, and protect the common interests of the industry,…

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5 Telltale Signs It’s Time for a Pool Renovation

pool in backyard

Is your pool starting to show signs of damage? Do you feel torn between remodeling your pool and calling for pool repair services instead? If you’ve had your pool repaired many times already, it might be the right time to renovate it instead. A little research is always a good thing to do before you…

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