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Creative Custom Pool Ideas for Your Backyard in Dallas

The time has finally come for you to take the money that you’ve been saving away for your dream backyard get started building!

Finding the perfect pool builder in Dallas will help you bring your dream pool to life. It can help you come up with an individualistic design that you and your future guests have never seen before.

More importantly, it will provide you with a pool that you’ll enjoy for years to come. You will never get tired of it!

Here are several ideas for custom pools in Dallas.

1. Illuminated Pool

No matter what shape or size works best with your pool, you’ll always enjoy swimming in your illuminated pool.

The ability to line your pool with LED lights will give it an amazing glow that will look incredible during the cloudy days and jaw-dropping at night.

You can line your pool with a darker shade than the usual backyard pool for an even more intense glow. Not to mention, technology today allows you to input lights that pair with your phone. You can change the color of them right from your smartphone!

Be warned, this will make the guests of any party that you have not wanted to leave until midnight or later. Doesn’t matter when that get together started, they’ll want to stick around until the pool lights come on!

2. Swim-Up Bar Pool

Have you been dreaming of both a pool and an outdoor bar in your backyard for a long time? If so, you can make those two things become one amazing amenity in the form of a swim-up bar pool.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a swim-up bar is when the pool runs right alongside the outdoor kitchen or bar that you’ve installed.

Most pools even contain built-in seats or stools that pool-users can sit on to have a drink.

Imagine watching the Cowboys game on your outdoor television while enjoying a refreshing beer or pool-side cocktail and sitting in the crisp pool water. It doesn’t get any better than that!

It’s perfect for family parties, birthday parties, or Saturday/Sunday get-togethers with an excuse to jump into the pool.

3. Pool On A Slope

Some of you out there might have a backyard that has a significant slope. If so, you probably thought that your dream pool wasn’t a possibility until you get a new house.

You may have never even reached out to a pool builder about it because you were afraid of the construction costs alone to level out your yard.

Lucky for you, there are many pool designs that can embrace the hill in your backyard and make something entirely unique.

The pool might be a bit smaller, but it’s entirely possible to only level-off that piece of the yard and have a beautiful pool on the hill.

You might be the only one in your entire neighborhood that has managed to build a pool out of the slope. Considering above ground pools aren’t an option, a beautiful in-ground pool can fulfill your wish!

4. Tropical-Themed Pool

Have you always wanted to build a pool that rivals the oasis’ that you see in Hollywood movies? With water so clear you can see right through it and lush-green plantation all around it.

Your pool can be designed with that kind of layout in mind. The pool builder can draw out little areas alongside the pool where you can grow waterside plants. 

From there, you can install several different trees that you feel have a tropical look to them and embrace the nature around you every time you swim.

You can also add stone around a hot tub and place a waterfall somewhere around the edging to give it the “sound” of nature as well.

5. L-Shaped Pool

L-shaped pools are tremendous options for people that need a pool to serve several different purposes.

You might want a portion of your pool to be incredibly shallow to be an area that you can lay out and tan. However, you might also want your pool to get as deep as 5 to 6 feet.

With an L-shaped pool, that won’t be an issue. You can have two very dramatic ends to your pool.

The pool will look extravagant in the nighttime with LED lights placed inside and a fountain along the sides. Then you can place a concrete walkway all around it. 

If you want to look extra sophisticated, then you could place a statue or a small monument outside your pool to achieve a modern and artistic look.

If you’ve ever envied the pool that a celebrity has, this is your chance to create a custom pool that looks just like one.

Better yet, you can place some floating pavers on the shallow end of your pool to help you walk across water throughout the year!

Custom Pools In Dallas Are The Way To Go

Now that you’ve seen several creative ideas for custom pools in Dallas, it’s time to brainstorm your pool’s layout today.If you’re interested in building a custom pool, please be sure to reach out to us.