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Small Swimming Pools: Get Design Inspiration

Are you looking to maximize the vibe and aesthetic of your backyard? If so, nothing adds more fun and excitement than a new swimming pool!

At California Pools, we are experts in custom designing small swimming pools or spools to fit any backyard or space while still giving you a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the water.

You don’t have to purchase a huge swimming pool to unlock the benefits. Sometimes a small swimming pool is best to fit your budget, your backyard’s layout, and your preferred use of the pool. Generally, spools fall somewhere in the 12 to 14 feet range and are extremely flexible to accommodate a variety of designs and features. Just because it is a small pool doesn’t mean it has to be a boring one.

Often people choose to go with a spool or small swimming pool even if they don’t have a small yard because they can be cost efficient, easier to maintain, and allow for other uses for the remaining backyard space.

If that’s the case, then there are several different small swimming pool designs that you can pick from. 

See below for several design ideas for small pools that you can choose. Be sure to use these as inspiration for your own custom pool!

1. Infinity Pool

Who said your infinity pool had to be big? All you need is a sleek and subtle design with the water trailing off to make it look unique.

It’s perfect for those of you that have limited space to work with. You can use the small infinity pool to enjoy during sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.

Place it on your deck to enjoy the features of the pool at any time of the day. If you have a body of water beyond your backyard, it will make your infinity pool all the more special.

As far as shape is concerned, work with what you have. You can maximize as much or as little space as you want to in your backyard with an infinity pool design.

2. Luxury Pool

Perhaps you’re looking to pull out all of the stops within a confined space. If so, then you should consider installing a custom luxury pool.

There are many different routes you can take with a luxury pool. You can design a freeform pool, beach-style pool, lazy river, or even a shortened lap pool for you to enjoy.

Pick from materials such as concrete or vinyl pool and have your new oasis shining like a diamond for all of your guests.

Better yet, because of the smaller size, there’s less of a need to include structures, fountains, and so on to keep the luxurious aesthetic. Let the pool’s design speak for itself and enjoy as much space for water as possible.

3. Garden Pool

Is the pride and joy of your backyard currently a huge garden? If so, then you can combine that garden and your new pool to create one amazing oasis. 

Due to the small size of the pool you’re installing, it will be easy to place in the middle of your garden without disturbing any of your shrubberies. You can then install a beautiful stone path attached from your backdoor to the garden-surrounded pool.

Placing it in the middle of the garden can ensure that you have maximum privacy, shade, and a place for you to escape the craziness of everyday life.

You can also install some beach chairs, umbrellas, and even an outdoor bar within your garden to make it a paradise for all that swim in it.

4. Lagoon Pool

It’s okay to admit when you’re wanting your custom pool to be more decorative than useful. Knowing what you want is imperative to building the perfect pool for your backyard.

For those of you that are wanting something more decorative, you’ll want to consider a lagoon-style pool.

These pools incorporate many different features such as waterfalls, rock arrangements, caves, grottos, fountains, and so forth. This will fit in perfectly with those of you that have a green-filled yard.

If you’re more interested in building a pool to use in the nighttime, then a lagoon-style pool is the way to go. It can make you feel as if you’re swimming in a jungle lake, but with LED lighting underneath.

5. Jacuzzi Pool

Maybe you’re not interested in a pool that you can swim in. Perhaps you simply want a small pool that you can dip your toes in or submerge your body in after a long day at work.

Water & Fire

A jacuzzi-style pool can give you just that! It’s a tremendous pool style for those of you that enjoy having a pool for a social setting. 

You and all your friends and family members can dip their toes in the pool without feeling pressured to fully submerge. Perfect place to have some poolside cocktails while catching up with friends or watching the big game on your outdoor TV.

If you’re renting out your property, this pool can be a huge attraction for renters. The pool will be a budget-friendly option that allows you to charge more to your tenants.

6. Shallow Pool with Tanning Ledge

Are you the type to run straight for the tanning ledge when a pool offers one? If so, bring that to your home turf with your new small swimming pool design.

You can create a unique half and half pool where one half is all tanning ledge and the other half is a 3-foot or 4-foot-deep pool. It’s perfect for having kids over, an all-adult party, or a mixture of the two.

You’ll get just as much enjoyment out of this pool’s design whether you have people over to swim or are hanging out by yourself reading a good book.

Use These Design Ideas for Small Pools to Your Advantage

Now that you’ve seen several design ideas for small pools that you might want to use, it’s time to get started on creating your new small oasis.

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For more inquiries, please visit our find a location near you and we will be happy to assist you further!