About Us

How it all Started and Where We are Now

Wayne Steimle started California Pools in 1952 when he wanted to build a swimming pool in his own backyard.

As a high school physics teacher, he decided to build it himself while on his summer break. After watching Wayne build his own pool, his neighbors began asking him to build pools for them, and the rest is history!

After Wayne formed California Pools, he began to expand it and started building swimming pools throughout Southern California. Under his direction, and then his son’s leadership, the company became one of the biggest, and most recognized swimming pool contractors in the nation.

First California Pool F5
4 Generation Steimle Family pool builders

As the desire for backyard swimming pools spread to other states outside of California, the principals wanted to offer their experience and services to homeowners across the nation. In an effort to accomplish this, California Pools wound-down its construction business in California and in 2018 formed California Pools Franchise,  which uses a franchising model to support the goal of serving homeowners across the nation.

California Pools Franchise now has many franchise locations in California and other states. With its extensive experience building pools in California over the decades, the leadership has goals to continue the expansion throughout the nation and beyond.

Each franchise location is independently owned operated under the California Pools Franchise system. Our headquarters is located at 141 E. Mercer St. Suite A1, Dripping Springs TX 78620.