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Do you want to build a negative edge swimming pool?

If you are looking for a backyard oasis that is breathtakingly beautiful and is impressive with its WOW factor, then a negative edge swimming pool might be the perfect pool for you! Some people refer to a negative edge pool as an infinity pool or a vanishing edge pool; they are both the same style of pool! A negative edge swimming pool has one or more edges in which the water flows over the edge to give the pool the appearance that the pool wall is non-existent; typically built to compliment open view landscapes in the backdrop of the pool. A custom-built negative edge swimming pool is the perfect start to building your family a staycation resort in your own backyard. With a gorgeous backyard oasis, and a stunning negative edge pool, your home will become your favorite place to be.

Rectangle negative edge swimming pool

Negative edge swimming pools are quite popular for many homeowners. They are beautiful and sleek and emphasize modern architecture. They provide your backyard design with clean lines and an illusion that the water line does not actually end! If your backyard backs up to a lake, river, or even the ocean, a negative edge swimming pool can appear to go on endlessly! They blend in beautifully and almost seamlessly with the surrounding environment creating a Zen-like atmosphere in your backyard. When you build a California Pools negative edge swimming pool, you will feel like you have slipped away to a secluded resort on a remote island. They are THAT beautiful!

Freeform negative edge swimming pool

We encourage you to click here for more stunning photos of California Pools negative edge swimming pools https://californiapools.com/gallery/  for a beautiful slideshow of custom built swimming pools and backyard oases. You will be amazed at the many different styles of negative edge pools we build.  It is also very popular to build a negative edge spa within your pool to create an ultra-dramatic look in your backyard. Check them out, they are gorgeous!

Rim flo spa

Here, at California Pools, we build backyard swimming pools and spas that you will love and use for a very long time. Having been in business since 1952, we take pride building high end products that will endure life’s elements, all of your favorite pool parties, and family swim sessions. If you choose to build a backyard oasis, choose a pool company that has tremendous history in the industry and a reputable reputation so that your pool will withstand the test of time, like a California Pools swimming pool will.

negative edge swimming pool