Covid-19 and how it affects your backyard swimming pool

Beautiful Swimming Pool

It isn’t very often that we are taking shelter at home while a virus sweeps through our nation. And while that may make you nervous, scared, or uneasy; the best thing you can do is learn what you can do to stay healthy, follow the country’s guidelines, and educate yourself.  Knowledge has power!  Unanswered questions…

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Game Day!


It’s Almost Game Day! Hey all you NFL Football fans, are you getting ready for the biggest game of the year? Superbowl is just around the corner and we are getting pretty excited to see who will be battling it out for The Vince Lombardi trophy! The ultimate championship game of the year will be…

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A New Year For Healthy Living!

Welcome 2020! With the new year’s arrival, it’s time to swipe the plate clean of last year’s bad habits, lack of motivation, and old resolutions never conquered. When you have a California Pools backyard swimming pool and spa, you can easily forgo writing this year’s New Year’s resolutions and go with a plan that actually…

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A Modern Twist!

Swimming pool styles, shapes, and trends have come a long way since the old kidney shaped pool that was once seen in nearly every backyard beginning in the 1940’s.  California Pools has been building swimming pools of all different styles since 1952, and we have enjoyed the variety of pools that interest our homeowners and…

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Winter Fitness

Don’t wait for the sun to shine and Summer to arrive to dive into your swimming pool and work on your fitness routine and goals. One of the best perks and benefits of owning a California Pools swimming pool is that it provides a wonderful place to exercise and maintain your healthy lifestyle. There are…

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Great Ways To Use Your Swimming Pool Year-Round!

Gorgeous California Pools swimming pool

People often think of swimming as a Summer activity and a way to cool off in the scorching hot months. However, at California Pools, we are so excited to tell you that when you build a beautiful backyard oasis, it can be used in numerous ways throughout the entire year! You heard that right! All…

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Holiday Backyard Gift Ideas!

When a swimming pool builder thinks of holiday gift ideas, we definitely think of backyard gifts! With the holidays approaching, here at California Pools, we thought it would be fun to discuss some fun and practical gift ideas for your backyard oasis. For the kiddos, set them up with some new goggles, swimming fins, dive…

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Holiday Movies In Your Backyard!

Movies in the backyard

Did you know that having a California Pools backyard oasis has year-round perks? Not only do you have a beautiful backyard to enjoy, a swimming pool to use, a spa to relax in, and an outdoor kitchen to grill in, but you also have an outdoor living area to host events in throughout the entire…

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The Healing Benefits of Heat

Spa with fire features

It’s time to warm up! Fall is here and it’s getting cold! While we are in the midst of a bustling fall season with holiday events approaching, home decorating in full swing, recipe planning, busy fall sports, work deadlines, school projects, home repairs, and many other events and tasks, we still need to remember to…

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How do I know if my swimming pool has a leak?

California Pools spools

So, you’re thinking of getting your swimming pool and backyard ready before summer hits and the kids are all out of school. But then, you notice that you’re refilling your pool a lot more often than usual. Regularly severe decreases in water levels can be the first sign that you have a leak somewhere in…

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