Can You Finance a Swimming Pool? Everything to Know

piggy bank

Swimming pools are great summer fun, but financing one and getting it installed can be a challenge. Figuring out how to get the money for a brand new swimming pool for the kids can be a daunting task. How can you make your dream a reality and install your own outdoor swimming pool? Financing your…

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7 Benefits of Adding a Spa to Your Pool

custom spa

There are more than three million aboveground pools in America and more than five million inground pools. Swimming is one of the most popular sports activities for good reason. It’s good for your health, easy on the joints, and it’s fun. Do you enjoy your pool in your backyard, but you’re looking to remodel or…

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8 Swimming Pool Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

cleaning swimming pool

Are you one of the 15% of American households with a pool? If you are, you’re problably familiar with the time-costs of maintaining your pool. While taking care of your pool is worth it for all the benefits it offers, it’s still something you want to be doing right. Let’s take a look at 8…

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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Swimming Pool Builders

woman by pool with drink

It’s likely that there are more than 25 million homes in America that have the potential to have a built-in pool. That’s a lot of fun just waiting to happen!  While having a pool in your backyard brings a lot of relaxation and excitement, the building process isn’t always as enjoyable. In order to have…

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6 Things To Do To Prepare For Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Project

pool deck example

Even the most well-cared-for outdoor living spaces can look worn and dingy, especially in parts of the country where people enjoy using their swimming pool year-round. Sun, heat, humidity, and even cold temperatures impact the appearance of the pool area. Pool decks are susceptible to all of the above. If you notice chipped paint, cracks,…

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What to Look for in Every Swimming Pool Builder Quote

custom pool with fire pit

Are you thinking of joining the more than 10 million Americans who have a swimming pool?  The idea of being able to walk out into your backyard and jump into your very own backyard oasis sounds like a dream come true. However, before you can do that, you have to find the right pool builder…

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The Ultimate Guide To The Gunite Swimming Pool Construction Process

chairs by pool

Now that we’re through the summer this year, are you thinking you need a pool for next season? You can beat the heat next year in the comfort of your backyard. While it might seem like a massive endeavor initially, a custom-designed pool can be more worthwhile in the long run. Let’s walk you through…

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6 Signs It’s Time For A Swimming Pool Remodel

modern small swimming pool

Even the old and the famous need a facelift at some point—swimming pools, not people! For example, in 2016, the Swim Gym at Beverly Hills High School received a new retractable floor. Made famous by Hollywood—the dance scene in It’s a Wonderful Life was filmed there—after 80 years, the pool/basketball court still functions. While the…

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An Overview of Swimming Pool Design

large swimming pool designed for play

There are 10.4 million residential pools across the US. It’s no wonder why. A backyard pool is the epitome of modern luxury. A backyard pool allows people to enjoy the benefits of vacationing mere steps from their door.  Yet, creating a swimming pool design for your space is not easy. There are many factors to…

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What to Look for in Pool Landscape Design

pool landscape with small plants

Imagine walking outside your sliding doors into your backyard to take a dip in your new sparkling pool. The water shimmers. It’s the perfect temperature. But there’s something missing: a beautiful pool landscape design to match. The right landscaping can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. It can make you forget you’re home and…

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