How Much Does an Inground Swimming Pool Cost?

There’s nothing like jumping in cool, clear water and soaking up the sun in the comfort of your own backyard. A swimming pool can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful oasis where the entire family can take a dip and enjoy nature. If you’re considering a pool of your own, the first question that…

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When Will Pool Prices Go Down, and Should You Wait?

2022 was certainly an interesting year as it delivered a mixed bag of economic surprises. Of course, it was the first time consumer spending habits had a real opportunity to return to pre-pandemic levels. And return they did. The freedom to travel was restored, and at least initially, consumers were willing to spend more money…

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What to Know About How Often You Should Resurface a Pool

California - Corona

To fully experience the long-term upside of having a pool, a watchful eye and regular maintenance is critical. Although a pool can add around 7% to the value of a property, even the most durable surfaces are subject to weather conditions alongside regular wear and tear. Homeowners who stay on top of maintenance will ensure…

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What You Need to Know About Financing a Swimming Pool

piggy bank with sunglasses swimming pool scaled

More than ever, it’s important to provide your loved ones with an escape from day-to-day stresses – and there’s simply nothing like having your own pool for playing, exercising, and building the memories of a lifetime. In addition to the intrinsic value, it can also elevate your home’s value. A study by real estate brokerage…

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Top Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

small backyard pool

Worried about the lack of space in your backyard? Contrary to a common misconception, you can install a high-quality pool in a backyard of virtually any size. Let’s take a closer look at creative pool ideas for a small backyard. Get Creative: Big Pool Ideas for Small Backyards Installing a swimming pool in your backyard…

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A Quick Guide to Pool Designs and Planning for Your Space

large swimming pool designed for play

There are 10.4 million residential pools across the US, and it’s no wonder why. A backyard pool is the epitome of modern luxury. The right approach to pool design helps you enjoy the benefits of vacationing mere steps from your house. But how do you decide what the “right approach” is, and what options should…

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A Quick Guide on How to Maintain a Saltwater Pool

pool with lights

There are more innovative pool options than ever, from elaborate pool shapes and features to different types of water treatment methods that keep pool-goers safe and comfortable. Saltwater pools are an increasingly popular option with numerous advantages, but they require a different type of care and maintenance than traditional pools. All in all, saltwater pool…

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How to Hide Pool Equipment with Style

outdoor pool

Besides being fun, relaxing, and beautiful, a swimming pool in your backyard has a variety of health benefits. The only downside is bulky and often unsightly equipment that keeps your water warm and clean all year round. Learning how to hide pool equipment is essential to keeping curb appeal without losing the pool’s advantages. Great…

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