3 Factors To Consider Before Building A Pool

A pool can serve a variety of purposes for different people. For some, investing in a pool means creating a soothing oasis where you can relax after a long day. For others, it means improving fitness and health. Still others dream up extravagent pool builds that will become the focus of a fun-filled party patio.…

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5 Pool Design Trends in 2023

The holidays are behind us, and 2023 is in full force. Before you know it, spring will fly by, and summer will be knocking at the door. If you’re looking to make your summers more relaxing and enjoyable, a pool is a perfect way to make this summer one long staycation. If you start soon,…

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8 Amazing and Cool Decking Ideas for Pools

A pool in your backyard is like a turkey on a Thanksgiving table. While flowerbeds, swings, and a perfectly trimmed lawn can make an impression, a swimming pool immediately takes center stage. Browsing cool decking ideas for pools helps you add cranberry sauce to the main dish. As more and more Americans realize the importance…

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Top Pool Ideas for Small Backyards

small backyard pool

Worried about the lack of space in your backyard? Contrary to a common misconception, you can install a high-quality pool in a backyard of virtually any size. Let’s take a closer look at creative pool ideas for a small backyard. Get Creative: Big Pool Ideas for Small Backyards Installing a swimming pool in your backyard…

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How A Swimming Pool Can Increase Your Home’s Value 

home and pool

The decision to install a pool is never an easy one. While you are weighing all the pros and cons, it’s important to consider how it can affect the price of your property. Thankfully, this one is easy. A swimming pool can increase your home’s value significantly. That’s one of the reasons why the number…

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Get Inspired: Small Swimming Pool Designs for Your Home

California Pools spools

Have you been thinking about turning your backyard into an aquatic oasis and recreation area? Add fun, fitness, and beauty with a new swimming pool! If you have limited space to work with, that’s okay. You can make your backyard dreams come true by choosing a small swimming pool design that fits your yard and…

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Cost Variations In Swimming Pools


Getting reputable bids from swimming pool contractors might seem like a daunting task. In reality, it is much easier than it seems. Here at California Pools, we highly recommend getting several designs and quotes in order to make a decision that is right for you and your family. Above all else, you want to choose…

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PebbleTec Swimming Pools

The Summer of 2020 is here and despite travel restrictions and a health pandemic sweeping our nation, we have found solace spending time at home with our family and loved ones. While we continue to slow the curve of the corona virus, more and more families have found their homes to be their safe place…

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Benefits to buying a home with an existing swimming pool!

Kid jumping in pool

Who would have guessed that we would be faced with a national health crisis during 2020? Covid-19 is still here and many families are finding ways to modify their life and incorporate healthy living in a variety of new ways. While our country is staying home as much as possible to help fight the coronavirus,…

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Pools and Spas 101

Today’s swimming pool has drastically changed from when we first began building custom swimming pools back in 1952. The simple kidney shaped swimming pool has grown into a dreamy backyard oasis! There are so many options to choose from today that really allows you to customize your backyard and make your outdoor living dreams come…

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