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Smart Ideas for Swimming Pool Remodeling in Dallas

In-ground swimming pools can add a lot of value to your home. With a little remodeling, you can add features that will increase that value even more.

It’s not all about economics. The right amenities will give you and your family hours of entertainment and relaxation. And some, like purifiers and sanitizers, can even help you save money and time on cleaning your pool. 

Regardless what your motives are a good remodel of an existing pool can completely change your backyard. So the question is, what other amenities can you add, and what would be best for your pool?

Water Features 

Any body of water in July is a haven for Dallas residents. Just because you have a pool, doesn’t mean you need to settle with what you’ve got. 

Water features are a great addition to in-ground pools. They allow for more interaction and make your pool look nicer overall. 

Waterfalls especially are a common pool renovation project. They’re a great feature for children to play in, and some waterfalls integrate slides to play on.

Even if you don’t swim often, the sound of the water relaxes you as you work on your tan poolside. 

Fountains are another great water feature for play or relaxation. It will make your swimming pool resemble a five-star resort. 

One of the most popular water features to add to pools is the infinity edge. The water flows over the edge of the pool to make it seem like it’s a never-ending body of water.

Fire Features

Fire features are among the coolest pool renovation ideas. The stark contrast between water and flames is sure to be an eye-catcher. 

It’s great to have a fire pit or fireplace next to your pool. As the hot sun sets and the cool night air rushes in, the transition from pool to home will be cozy. 

Even for the humid nights, a fire bowl integrated with your in-ground pool will keep the party going after the streetlights come on.

outdoor seating next to swimming pool

Lounge Areas

Not many of us think of the lounging area when considering a pool renovation. The fact is, a lounge area is what ties together a great pool landscape. 

There are many options to consider when starting a lounge area project. Most decisions come down to how many people you plan on entertaining at one time. 

A really neat feature to lounge on is a tanning ledge. It’s a shelf in your pool that allows shallow water for tanning. 

This is great for hot days when you want to tan but can’t stand the heat. You’ll be out of the water enough to get darker, but in enough to stay cool.

Another great idea for a lounge area is a beach entry. Exactly as it sounds, a beach entry allows you to walk into your pool as you would the ocean. 

This is great if you have kids who are still learning to swim, as it makes entering the water easier. It’s also nice to lay back and enjoy the rays with the water so shallow around you.

Even a common deck area for people to sit with drinks and snacks can add a welcoming environment to your pool area. 

Interactive Lighting

The nights in Dallas can still be unbearably hot without the sun beating down. A pool is a perfect spot for a summer evening gathering as well when you have adequate lighting.

Take your swimming pool remodeling as a chance to enhance the nighttime vibes. interactive LED lights will make your pool bright and colorful under those big, bright Texas stars. 

You can install color-changing lights to add variety to any pool party. You can even get interactive lights to match the music you play.

Outdoor Kitchen

It isn’t a pool party in Texas without some good barbecue. An outdoor kitchen is exactly what you need to entertain guests and family members.

The possibilities are endless with an outdoor kitchen. You can have a range, a grill, or even a smoker right next to your pool. 

Some outdoor kitchens can even have sinks to make outdoor clean-up a breeze. You can have a modern looking kitchen or something rustic and outdoorsy. 

It’s all up to what you need and your personal preferences.

Fully-Automated Control Systems

Today there is a wide range of fully-automated control systems out there to take your pool experience to the next level. Imagine heating your pool with the touch of a button or from you phone. How about flipping a switch to cover your pool for the winter?

There are tons of other options such as controls for your fire and water features. You can also choose how you’d like to control your interactive lighting.

Owning a pool is supposed to be relaxing. Make it easier on yourself by adding some automated accessories. 


Pools and spas pretty much go hand-in-hand. The jacuzzi is the perfect place to unwind while the kids tire themselves out in the pool. 

You can keep your spa and your pool separate. You can also remodel your pool to make a seamless transition from spa to pool. 

Of course, you can add lights, water, and fire features to the spa. You may even want to make your existing spa bigger. 

Hardscape Swimming Pool Remodeling Dallas

Hardscape features are some of the most creative pool remodeling ideas. The possibilities are endless. 

You can add a rocky bridge to link one pool to the other. A carefully planned walkway is another great option. 

You may even want a big deck area to allow more room to play and lounge. It just depends on the space you’re working with and the style you’re going for.

Integrated Landscaping

Last, but certainly not least, is the landscape scenes you can create in and around your pool. The greenery is sure to turn your backyard into an island paradise. 

Consider a line of beautiful hedges to add to the privacy of your pool. Imagine plants, trees, and bushes around your pool for an authentic aquatic experience. 

Just Keep Swimming

Hopefully, you found some inspiring ideas here if you’re considering a remodel for your swimming pool. Now it’s time to make your decision. We can help design and construct your dream remodel right in your Dallas backyard. Contact us today and we’ll give you the pool you’ve always dreamed of.