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7 Tips for Finding the Best Swimming Pool Contractors

The more time you spend at home, the more you need your home to be your sanctuary. Maybe your summer vacation travel plans have fallen through due to social distancing. Perhaps you’ve always been a homebody, and you’re ready to dress up your backyard oasis as summer begins!

No matter your inspiration for adding a pool to your home, you need the right contractor to do the job right. It’s nearly impossible to relax in a pool that doesn’t meet your design expectations or had a poor-quality installation. 

A pool is a significant investment! Start your new pool lifestyle with these seven tips for finding the best swimming pool contractors. 

1. Start With Who You Know

You can Google “pool installation” and find a long list of pool contractors in the Dallas area. However, you’ll shorten your list and save yourself some time if you start your contractor search by asking friends, families, and neighbors who they recommend. 

When people love their at-home swimming pools, they love to tell you who they used to design and install it! If your friends or neighbors had a terrible experience with a backyard pool project, they’ll warn you away from the contractor they used for the job. 

Trust the input of pool owners that you know before you continue researching and verifying the best pool contractor for your needs.

2. Read Reviews

After your friends and family give you their input on top pool contractors in the area, turn to online research. 

Read reviews about the company. Often, pool company websites will include customer praise, but don’t stop there. Look at third-party review sites for a variety of feedback about the contractors on your list of choices. 

Remember: not everyone is a satisfied customer. Take negative reviews into consideration, but focus more on word-of-mouth recommendations you can trust and fair online reviews that seem legitimate. 

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3. Meet With Contractors

Create a shortlist of your best contractor options, then schedule meetings with each one. You can learn a lot about a pool builder and their business online, but you won’t know if they’re a good fit for your project until you meet them. 

Choosing the best pool contractor means finding someone who understands your vision and can work within your budget. An initial meeting with a contractor is an excellent way to determine if they’ll listen to what you want and be able to deliver. 

Ask them to walk you through how to install a swimming pool. If a contractor can explain their process in a way you understand, then that’s a good indicator they have a good handle on communicating with customers along with plenty of experience.

Make sure you get along with your contractor. Installing a pool is a big project that can take a while to complete. You don’t have to be friends, but you’ll need a contractor that works well with you and their crew to create a new pool that lives up to your expectations. 

4. Talk to References

As you meet with potential pool contractors, ask them for references. Creating customized swimming pools is a competitive business in Dallas. A contractor should have plenty of completed projects, photos to showcase their work, and names of references willing to share about their experience. 

Third-party references should give you feedback similar to talking with friends and family about the contractors under consideration for your new pool. If they verify an excellent experience, you’re one step closer to finding your ideal pool builder.

Be wary of a contractor who can’t (or won’t) provide references. They should be eager to have happy customers tell you about their good work. A contractor could be hiding something if they have no satisfied customers to talk with you.

5. Confirm Insurance and Licenses

You want your pool installation to be safe, within local building codes, and to comply with all city permits. You also want to enjoy your pool for many years without incident. 

Choose a pool contractor with required liability insurance coverage to protect their workers in case of an accident while handling machines and materials on your property. Confirm professional licenses and affiliations with the city and other local agencies. 

Avoid any contractors that can’t verify licensing and insurance coverage. A pool is too big of an investment to cut corners with a contractor who doesn’t follow local ordinances or isn’t in good standing with licensing institutions. 

6. Watch for Red Flags

Some pool builders can talk an excellent game. However, when it comes to how they operate or getting documentation in writing, you see some red flags

  • Don’t fall for a sales pitch or promises that don’t materialize in writing
  • Avoid a contractor who asks for cash-only payments
  • Beware a contractor that requests a large downpayment upfront (before they start work)

Make sure your contractor is available. If they can’t fit you on their schedule any time soon—but they require a large downpayment to reserve their services—walk away. Find a contractor who can start your new pool project soon and doesn’t force you to pay a large sum out-of-pocket without a start date on the calendar.

7. Take Your Time

Now that summer is here, you might be anxious to install your new pool—but don’t rush through the contractor selection process. Designing, installing, then enjoying your perfect pool is worth the time it takes to find your ideal pool builder. 

The Best Swimming Pool Contractors Create Your Dream Pool

Don’t risk ruining your pool-sized dreams! The best swimming pool contractors create and install the pool you’ve always wanted for your home.

When searching for the best swimming pool contractors in the DFW area, give California Pools a call. We’re here to transform your outdoor space into your favorite place to relax. Our team can create a new pool with landscaping and water features that turns your home into a private resort. 

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