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What to Look for in Pool Landscape Design

Imagine walking outside your sliding doors into your backyard to take a dip in your new sparkling pool. The water shimmers. It’s the perfect temperature. But there’s something missing: a beautiful pool landscape design to match.

The right landscaping can transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis. It can make you forget you’re home and transport you to a place that makes you feel like you’re vacationing on an island paradise.

When considering landscaping for your pool area, you’ll add a mix of plants and hardscaping elements for the perfect pool environment. Here’s what you need to know to create the backyard of your dreams.

Choose Landscaping That’s Low Maintenance

Your pool landscaping should accentuate your pool area. It should create a mood that inspires. The last thing you want to do is spend the majority of time in your backyard trimming bushes, sprinkling fertilizer and cleaning up the area.

By choosing the right plants, you can spend more time swimming and enjoying the view. To achieve this, select plants that require low maintenance.

Evergreens and perennials work best. Many of these types of plants only require yearly pruning and minimal maintenance.

Select Landscaping That Doesn’t Overwhelm

There’s beauty in simplicity. Sometimes landscaping can overwhelm a pool area.

When you’re choosing greenery, less is more. By taking a minimalist approach to your pool landscape design, you’ll create a lush poolside appearance to enjoy.

Create a Shaded Area

When the sun gets hot, you need an area to cool off in the shade. Heat can be overwhelming. And you need a safe haven to escape from the strong UV rays. This rings true even more so for people who prefer to stay out of the pool. 

Look for a table with a large umbrella or work a canopy pergola into your pool design. Or plant trees for shade near the pool, or consider both to keep everyone cool.

Stay Away from Prickly Plants

When looking for greenery, stay away from plants that prick. Rose bushes may be beautiful to look at. But they’re not much fun when your kiddos are running around the backyard with their bare legs exposed.

Stay away from bushes with thorns: barberry, blackberry bushes, and bougainvillea to name a few. And don’t forget cactus plants. They may not contain thorns, but their prickly points can hurt.

Select Greenery That Doesn’t Shed Too Much

While some evergreen trees require little maintenance, others shed often. Consider the evergreen Italian Cypress. If you plant that near the pool, you’ll be mowing and sweeping your patio more than you’d like. 

Not sure which plants shed? Call your local nursery to learn the plants native to your area that shed the most. They’ll be able to advise you which leaves on trees and bushes shed annually, and make your life easier. 

Invasive Roots

You want to stay away from choosing trees with invasive roots. They can damage your pool area and its structure. And undo all that hard work you’ve done. It can even damage your plumbing system around the pool.

Or the money you just paid to put in a beautiful concrete patio. Some of the trees that get invasive, include oak trees, elms, and Ficus trees. Ask your local arboretum and master gardener before you plant or purchase those trees. 

Stay Away from Bee-Loving Plants

Think about the wildlife that visits your backyard before you purchase plants for your lush garden. You wouldn’t want your kiddos or guests to get stung by a bee. Here are some of the plants that bees gravitate to:

  • Cosmos
  • Delphinium
  • Columbine
  • Salvia
  • Oregano
  • Wisteria
  • Queen Anne’s lace
  • Sweet clovers
  • Larkspur

Bees are great for the ecosystem. But they’re not great for your skin when you get stung.

Find Plants Native to Your Region

You want to select plants for your garden and landscape pool design that will survive. For your best bet, choose plants that are native to your geographical area.

You want them to last a long time and adapt well in your particular climate. While you may be tempted to buy that exotic tree with all those stunning leaves you discovered online. Know that it might not look so beautiful after a period of time.

You’ll not only be wasting your time. You’ll be throwing your hard-earned money away if your trees don’t subsist in your region. If you’re unsure, consult your local nursery for the best plants to choose that will survive in your yard and pool area. 

Keep Rocks Away from the Pool Area

Rocks, boulders, and gravel can look attractive. But make sure your gravel doesn’t end up in your pool, instead of your garden. When people and pets walk on gravel, it tends to move around.

The best thing to do: choose larger rocks and stones. They stay in place better and you can still admire their beauty.

When using boulders, make sure they coordinate with the rest of your pool landscape design. You want them to look like they belong in your design scheme. 

Look for Lighting That Illuminates Your Pool Landscape

When the sun sets, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your pool landscape. Installing the right lighting fixtures will keep your landscaping looking elegant long after the sun goes down.

Place a spotlight on your favorite trees and architectural elements such as statues. Or install lighting in the garden. Or both. To make your pool landscape design look enchanting, place lighting in the pool area as well as the perimeter.

Pool Landscape Design Revisited

Keep these pool landscaping design tips in mind when creating the landscaping around your pool. Your pool design should be as functional, easy, and safe as it is beautiful.

Looking for a truly artistic landscaping presentation that transforms your pool area into a backyard oasis? Contact us today for the backyard oasis of your dreams.