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Not Much Space? Consider a Small Backyard Pool

Small swimming pool designed for small backyard

No matter how big their yard is, many homeowners dream of including a pool in the plans for their perfect home. Whether to improve health, escape from the summer heat, or create a space for family gatherings, a small backyard pool increases the value and enjoyment of a home. 

At the same time, homeowners understandably can be concerned that the size of their yards could make or break the possibilities of enjoying the benefits of a pool. Although size clearly impacts the type of pool a homeowner would choose, small backyard pools can be an ideal option for those with limited outdoor space. 

Try a Small Backyard Pool

If you have a small backyard, it still makes sense to explore backyard pool options. One solution is the spool, a backyard pool that combines the features of a swimming pool with those of a spa or hot tub. 

Spools are becoming increasingly popular for homes with limited backyard space. They are also ideal alternatives for those who want the benefits of a water feature without a full-size pool.

As the name implies, a spool is a cross between a spa and a swimming pool. A backyard spool is generally smaller than an average swimming pool but not quite as small as a hot tub. They also can include features a spa would normally have, such as heaters and jacuzzi jets. Offering the benefits of both a spa and a pool, spools are a great option if you have limited space. But, their appeal goes even further.

As a hybrid, they lend themselves to creative interpretation, and a quick web search will show the variety of small backyard pools available on the market. Unique and trendy, spools also allow your creativity to shine through, making them an excellent option for people who want to put their stamp on their outdoor space.

Small pool and spa design

Upgrade Your Backyard

Pools create an inviting outdoor space for family time, exercise, or simply relaxation. Spools and other small backyard pools are no different. They also create value in a small yard, encouraging you to use your imagination as you design within a limited space. With the addition of water, beautiful lighting, and dedicated areas, the outdoor area takes on a new sense of life. 

In the same vein, a small space that may not have offered much room for exercise can transform into a hub of activity by installing a backyard spool. At-home exercise routines like yoga or stationary biking are easily followed by a post-recovery soak. Even family and social time involve more physical activity when centered around a pool.

Spools can even make it feel like your house itself is larger, since you and your guests are no longer limited to just the indoor space. Social events and family gatherings can flow from inside to outside to enjoy the beautiful features and pleasant environment the pool creates.  A renewed, more exciting backyard encourages people to go outdoors more, increasing the amount of livable space.   

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Spool - small swimming pools

The Best of Both Worlds

Since they combine the features of a pool and a spa, spools offer a unique set of benefits that make them desirable even for those with larger outdoor spaces. 

By taking up precious square footage in the backyard, spools become a centerpiece in the outdoor area. With creativity, a small backyard pool can easily do double duty as a water feature, offering soothing sounds and relaxing energy. This allows them to be used year-round, whether or not anyone is entering the pool itself. 

Lights, water jets, and more can convert an outdoor space into a perfect space for entertaining, even when the weather turns cooler. Another name for a small backyard pool is a cocktail pool, and it’s easy to imagine yourself sipping something delicious with friends around the lovely blue depth of a lighted spool. 

The combination of pool and spa is also key to their appeal. By including jacuzzi jets and optional heaters, homeowners can easily use the same spool for exercise, rehabilitation, and socializing. 

A small backyard pool allows you to begin the morning with water aerobics, warm up tired muscles afterward, and then end the evening with a group of friends in the hot tub or enjoying the water poolside. Although standard pools can also offer these options, the smaller size and spa-like features of a spool can make it more affordable and inviting.

A Pool for All Seasons

When considering whether to install a pool, homeowners sometimes express concern about how much they will use this new addition throughout the year. While traditional-sized pools have their benefits and drawbacks weather-wise, small backyard pools are also a versatile alternative that may assuage these concerns. 

As both a gathering space and a visual element, a backyard spool continues to offer benefits even in off times, like during months of cold weather. Relaxing and inviting, they quickly become a central point to any home’s outdoor space. A small pool takes less time and money to heat, so it’s easier to extend its use into colder months. Whether it’s spring or fall, the tranquility of sitting poolside remains the same. 

Water features are not only attractive, but they can also contribute to personal wellness since the calming effect of water lowers stress and improves mental health. Add in the social and fitness aspects of the spool, and this new part of the home truly becomes indispensable no matter what the season.

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Easy to Install and Maintain

By design, spools are small and compact, allowing for easier installation. This also means that installation is generally faster and less expensive than for a standard-size pool. Designing and installing a smaller pool in a short period of time is easy because there is less prep and construction. Both above-ground and in-ground designs are available, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your budget and time constraints. 

The ease of use also extends to maintenance. Smaller in size means easier and less expensive to maintain. This includes the amount of chemicals used, the time required to drain and refill, and the need to hire outside assistance for cleaning. Pool covers are smaller and less cumbersome to remove and replace. 

Small Luxuries, Big Impact

Since spools are less expensive than standard pools, many homeowners opt to add amenities that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. Interesting lighting and water features, for example, can be a simple and cost-effective way to turn a small backyard pool into the highlight of the outdoor space. 

Higher-end options like special ledges, rock elements, and speaker systems are also much more affordable when included in smaller installations. You can match your budget to your vision as you design the look and feel of your backyard spool. 

Whether the change is big or small, each bit of personalization helps create a space that is truly your own. When deciding on upgrades to include, you should consider how you will use the space, as well as the time and money available for maintenance. With planning and creativity, a spool can be an affordable luxury.

Right-size Your Pool

A backyard pool tops many homeowners’ lists when it comes to designing a dream home, but investing in installation is a big commitment. Luckily, with a small backyard pool, more people are able to make this part of their dream a reality. Whether the motivation is cost concerns, size limitations, luxury features, or ease of maintenance, a spool can be an excellent choice when shopping for a pool. 

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