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Winter of 2016 is coming to a close, and now is the perfect time to start planning your custom backyard project. With California Pools, you can choose every detail and aspect of your outdoor living area: from the barbecue in your outdoor kitchen, to patio furniture, to the color of decking, to the interior finish of the swimming pool or spa. We want to turn your backyard dream into a reality and truly execute the atmosphere you have always imagined for your home.

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For interior finishes on your swimming pool and/or spa, you can choose tile, pebble coat, etc. For this article, we want to give some really great examples of backyard swimming pools and spas with PebbleTec pebble finishes. If you find one you think could be perfect for you, just give us a call at (800) 282-7665 and schedule a free in-home consultation with the California Pools office nearest you.

Pebbletec pebble finishes
Pebble Technology Finishes


PebbleTec has several lines of pebble finishes. One of these is the BeadCrete product line, which “contains solid, inert, glass spheres that are locked into carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer modified cements.” In other words, the BeadCrete finishes are terrific glassy pebble coats with durability and elegance combined. Shown above is one of the BeadCrete finishes entitled Sea Breeze, and it did a stunning job on the swimming pool and spa also above, keeping the look crisp and inviting.

Pebbletec color swimming pool finishes

Another product line of PebbleTec’s is the PebbleSheen line of swimming pool & spa finishes. “A colorful mosaic of tiny pebbles is tightly fused together and then lightly buffed to create a luxurious pool surface that is not only beautifully elegant, but also incredibly strong and stain resistant.” One of these gorgeous finishes is shown above, called Blue Granite. Also below is another labelled Ocean Blue, and each product’s respective swimming pool projects demonstrate the beauty of pebble.

Pebbletec pool finish colors

Finally, we have arrived at the original PebbleTec line of swimming pool & spa interior finishes. These detailed collections of pebbles are “created with pebbles from around the world that are selected for their color and beauty.” This line’s level of elegance and durability is still no exception. Both Caribbean Blue (above) and Midnight Blue (below) are incredible choices for any backyard swimming pool project.

For more pictures and swimming pool design ideas, view our inspiration gallery. You can reach us at (800) 282-7665 if you have questions, or contact us anytime online to schedule a free in-home consultation with the California Pools office nearest you.