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I Have A Small Backyard. Can I Still Have A Swimming Pool?

Small swimming pool designed for small backyard

How About A Spool?

The short answer is yes. The design experts here at California Pools pride themselves on their ability to design a perfect outdoor living area to fit your needs – big or small, simple or complex.

In fact recently, spools have become increasingly more popular for homes with limited space in the backyard or for those who want a simple water feature without a full-size pool.

What is a Spool?

A spool is a cross between a spa and a swimming pool; spools fit somewhere in the middle. Usually, a spool is smaller than an average swimming pool, but not quite as small as your average hot tub, and has features a spa would normally have (i.e., jacuzzi jets).

Small pool and spa design

Spools are great options for families that have limited space and would love the benefits of both a spa and a pool and we have plenty of experience crafting custom designed spools to fit every space and purpose in your yard.

Spool - small swimming pools